I never knew all the benefits of Silk for your skin & hair. You get all these benefits without having to get a luxury/expensive facial or hair treatment. Just switch from your regular pillowcase and scrunchie to one of B&B’s & you’re good to go. I also love their beautiful packaging, perfect for gift giving. Try and see the results for yourself.

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Most recommended brand by dermatologist

Bold & Brave silk pillowcases benefits as compared to cotton pillowcase. Sleeping on our pillowcases for 2 nights or more helps prevent your hair from frizz and tangle, reduces breakage and split ends, keeps hair moisturized, keeps hair cleaner between wash, maintains hair style, prevents bedhead, promotes healthy hair

About us!

Silky smooth isn’t just an expression. According to beauty experts, silk helps keep your hair soft, moisturized, and tangle-free by its gentle texture and its non-moisture absorbing qualities.

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