Bold and Brave Benefits of Silk


Boldness and bravery are two powerful states of being. Our brand reflects that positive, energetic feeling that drives us to imagine more and make it a reality. We want people to feel bold and brave when they use our products.

The greatest achievements of our times started with bold ideas that were achieved by the people who were brave enough to relentlessly pursue them. Sticking with your ideas in the face of repeated failure takes an incredible amount of bravery, especially when everybody in your life tells you to give up. That is why we believe in having a bold and brave mindset as a way of being and achieving. Bold and Brave is the creative mindset that fuels the greatest inventions and artistic creations of human history. Join us in striving to be bold and brave.

To get the most out of our lives, we need to discover our purpose, vision, and mission in life. It is the only way to realize our true potentials during our lifetimes. At Bold and Brave, we asked ourselves what it was that made us feel vibrant, vital, and alive? We feel bold and brave when we have impact on our community; when we achieve results that initially felt impossible or too hard; and when we create! Being bold and brave is tackling that difficult task and sticking with it. It is starting a new venture and believing in its success. It is speaking up to prevent harm and promote justice regardless of its potential costs. It is making time for your own well-being in a world that glorifies neglecting yourself in the quest for success.

What makes us different:

At Bold and Brave, we strive for simple solutions to even the most complex problems. We are not here to simply sell a pillowcase or eye cover; we are here to find simple and universal solutions to the problems that age and damage our skin and hair. We are committed to excellent products for optimal health and well-being and continued improvement of those products.

In our commitment to excellence, we have sourced the highest quality of silk that is the most beneficial for skin and hair. Our pure mulberry silk products are a simple, smooth solution to keep your hair and skin beautiful and healthy.<

We are passionate about skincare and hair care, and we wanted to channel our passion into finding a simple solution that did not include elaborate and time-consuming beauty routines. Silk was the answer: simple, effective, and effortless.

Our beginning…

Once upon a time, one of our founders, Avi, found herself perpetually tired, stressed, and with little time for an extensive hair and skincare regimen. Here is her story:

I fell in love with silk when I tried it for the first time four or five years ago. During this time of high stress in my life, I had also fried my hair in an attempt to go blonde. Without a lot of time to try to remedy the situation, I stumbled on silk pillowcases. I remember reading that sleeping on silk pillowcases was supposed to be beneficial for your hair and your skin, so I decided to give it a try. I fell in love immediately.

Over the next several months, I noticed a visible improvement in the quality of my hair. My skin also looked smoother and clearer. Since then, I have frequently had people compliment my skin and tell me that I look young for my age. Some have asked about my skincare routine, and I happily tell them the truth. I don’t have a routine — I don’t even moisturize my skin every day — but I sleep on a silk pillowcase every night. I know sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a simple solution for healthier, more youthful looking hair and skin. And I want to share that with everybody.