10 best treatments for damaged hair

10 best treatments for damaged hair

Our lifestyles aren’t always kind to our hair. From sun exposure to product usage, our hair suffers on a daily basis. If you are fed up with your damaged hair, try these tips and tricks to support healthy, long-lasting hair. 

Trim off split ends

Damaged hair comes, in part, from dry ends that split. The splits spread up the hairs, destroying each piece. Get a trim to cut off split ends and dry hair about every 12 weeks. 

Use silk pillowcases

Throw that cotton pillowcase away and switch to silk! Cotton pillowcases bunch, knot, and tangle hair. Silk’s texture helps your hair stay soft, moisturized, and tangle-free. Because silk doesn’t absorb much moisture, it supports healthy hair. Your hair will experience less damage on a silk pillowcase because it can slide over the material. For an added bonus, silk is great for your skin

Use hair oil and hair masks 

Follow product instructions to nourish your hair. Often, you’ll have to apply the hair product and let it sit for a certain amount of time, then wash. 

Limit hair washing

You should wash your hair about once a week. If you must wash more often, try to wash every other day. When you do wash, lather with shampoo in warm water, rinse, then apply a conditioner and leave it in for at least five minutes. Rinse with cold water. 

Eat superfoods high in good cholesterol

Eating high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (AKA good cholesterol) helps soften your hair. Foods that support good cholesterol include olive oil, nuts, avocado, and soy.

Take prenatal vitamins 

You don’t have to be trying for a baby or pregnant to benefit from these vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are rich in nutrients that support, repair, and maintain happy hair. 

Consume collagen 

Collagen strengthens your hair and nails. You can eat supplements that contain collagen. Alternatively, you can drink collagen-enriched beverages that range from water to coffee creamer. 

Consume biotin 

Biotin (vitamin B7) is a vitamin that helps promote shiny, voluminous hair through improving scalp health. A lack of biotin in your diet can lead to the thinning of the hair. Foods like eggs, milk, and bananas contain biotin. You can also supplement using B7 vitamin pills.

Stimulate hair follicles

Head and scalp massagers can stimulate your hair follicles. This stimulation supports healthy, new growth. If possible, masseuse use is even better.  

Use silk hair scrunchies 

Don’t use rubber or elastic hair ties! Use silk scrunchies instead. Rubber and elastic bands knot, pull, and tangle your hair. Silk scrunchies help support your hair health, offering benefits similar to silk pillowcases

Regardless of your lifestyle, you can significantly improve your hair health by following the advice above. At Bold & Brave, we’re passionate about supporting you through your hair journey. See how happy your hair is by making the switch to silk


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