3 ways to protect your eyelash extensions

3 ways to protect your eyelash extensions

Over time, there have been lots of inventions in the beauty industry which have been tremendous in helping to enhance beauty and confidence. From silk products to broader shades of makeup, one thing that has stood out and will surely withstand time is eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions have been called the best beauty invention for the eyes since mascara, especially by people with short, thin, and sparse lashes. 

As much as lashes are amazing, keeping them in good condition for a long time, despite touch-ups, has been a problem. 

Thankfully, over the years, eyelash extension experts have discovered proven ways of maintaining your precious extensions, ensuring they stay on as long as possible.

One of the very best ways to protect your eyelash extensions is to never use waterproof mascara. We know what you might be thinking—won’t mascara add drama and style? Maybe not, ladies. 

Experts on lash extensions have declared waterproof mascara a makeup accessory to avoid when you have lash extensions on.  

This is because of how hard the removal process is. All the tugging and rubbing at the extensions to remove mascara can reduce the life of your extensions. 

Hear us out ladies—this definitely doesn’t mean mascara is totally written off when it comes to lash extensions. You can still use mascara, just ensure it is not waterproof.

Another sure way to protect your eyelash extension is by using silk pillowcases. Beauty experts have always advised sleeping with your face up can go a long way in keeping your lash extensions intact, but with the discovery of silk, the tables have turned.  

Silk is very favorable and feels soft on the skin. Eyelash experts say with silk pillowcases or silk eye masks, you do not have to worry when you roll over in your sleep. Even if your face is pushed into your pillow, the silk does not create friction—no friction means no damage!

Another excellent way of protecting your eyelash extensions is by using a gentle face wash and an oil-free makeup remover. 

Eyelash experts advise that we shouldn’t touch the eye area when we remove our make-up because of the fragility of the lash extensions, but sometimes it is inevitable. 

Who likes to sleep with even a little makeup on? No one! The best thing to use is to use a gentle face wash and sleep with a silk eye mask. The face wash has to be low in alkaline, and an oil-free makeup remover is best.

Eyelash extensions so far are one of the most intriguing beauty inventions with a boosting-confidence effect. To enjoy your eyelash extensions much longer, follow these simple amazing steps.

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