Benefits of Silk for Beards

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Silk doesn’t just improve the condition of long, luscious locks—it can help with beards, too! While beard hair certainly has a coarser texture than the hair on your head, it can still be damaged by sleeping on less quality fabrics like cotton or polyester. Not to mention the risk of folliculitis after a fresh shave. 

So, let’s go over how sleeping on a silk pillowcase can improve your beard, as well as our recommendation for gift sets this holiday season!

Avoiding folliculitis

Folliculitis is a common skin condition that occurs when a hair follicle becomes inflamed, often caused by an infection with bacteria. It may look like small pimples around where each hair grows and can be itchy, sore, and embarrassing if left untreated. 

While your skin is most vulnerable to folliculitis right after your shave, sleeping on a fabric that exposes your face to friction and bacteria can put you at risk at any time. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase lowers this risk thanks to its super soft texture that avoids friction, causes less build-up of bacteria, and won’t sap moisture from your skin.

Softer, more-kempt beard

Silk’s greater superpower is how soft and slippery it is. This ensures that it will not snag and kink facial hair, allowing you to wake up with a soft, tidy-looking beard. Even dermatologists agree that cotton and synthetic fabrics dry out the hair and skin, making silk their recommendation for those who want softer, more hydrated skin and hair in the morning. 

Silk also allows the hair and skin to breathe and maintains a cool surface temperature, keeping you comfortable all night.

The perfect gift for the holidays

So now that we’ve sold you on silk, which product is best for you or a loved one? Well, did you know Bold & Brave has silk gift sets now? That’s right! Our gift sets come in gorgeous jewel tones or simple black and white, featuring a matching pillowcase and eye mask. These sets are the perfect gift option for that new silk convert or someone who can’t get enough of silk. 

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