Benefits of silk for curly hair

Silk benefits for curly hair-Silk makes curls manageable

The 100% Mulberry silk that we sell is made of naturally occurring woven fibers. Our products and dyes are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Experience the ways this material is gentle and calming to your curly hair. These benefits apply whether you’re using a silk scrunchie, pillowcase, or sleep mask. As an added bonus, silk works to keep your skin moisturized and healthy, too. 

Silk scrunchies 

Whether you choose a skinny or large scrunchie, rest assured you’ve made an excellent choice when you’ve chosen silk. Unlike other hair ties, silk scrunchies won’t leave a dent in your hair. Even if you wear the scrunchie all day or all night, your natural shape will bounce into place when you remove the tie. 

Also, when you pull the scrunchie out, it won’t pull roughly. Instead, the silk will glide over your hair to reduce tangles, breakage, and frizz. 

Our silk scrunchies are gentle on your curls. Not to mention, you can accessorize with these hair ties for a sexy, sophisticated look.  

Silk pillowcases

The natural fiber of silk is hydrophobic, meaning it won’t absorb water. Because it forces water away from itself, the moisture of your hair stays put. When you moisturize with a leave-in conditioner, the silk won’t sap this hydration from your hair. Instead, your curls will maintain their healthy bounce. 

As your hair glides over the surface of a silk pillowcase, experience the magic of little friction. Your hair will tangle and frizz less as your curls rejuvenate when you sleep on silk. 

Silk sleep masks

In the same way that silk scrunchies will not pull or tangle your hair, neither will silk sleep masks. The mask’s gentle band, wrapped in silk, rests against your hair. 

Rest assured, the mask won’t steal moisture from your hair or skin either. Our elegant, silk sleep masks keep your curls safe. 

Feel the luxurious softness as you touch any of our premium products. Your curls will thank you for choosing silk.

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