Gift Ideas for the Modern Man

Gift Ideas for the Modern Man

Gifts for the guy who has everything

Harry Styles, Donald Glover, and Usher are just a few of the male celebrities who have shown up in silk recently. This textile is quickly becoming a staple for the modern man and it’s easy to see why. At Bold & Brave, our products made from the finest 22 momme mulberry silk, make the perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine’s Day.

Gifts he’ll be sure to remember: 

For the Guy Who Runs Hot: Silk Pillowcases

It’s scientifically proven that men’s body temperature runs hotter than women’s, especially at night. Instead of fighting over the thermostat, why not try a silk pillowcase? Bold & Brave pillow cases are the perfect gift for any man needing a cool night’s sleep. Their natural cooling properties keep body temperatures down and allow for a rejuvenating night’s rest. At Bold & Brave our pillow cases come in an array of masculine colors from deep navy to charcoal black.They also come in different sizes from standard to king. These can enhance the quality of any man’s bed or room. These pillows are friction-free and will feel as good as they look!

Our luxury silk pillow case is a great gift that will keep him cool throughout the night.

For the Guy Who Needs A Better Sleep Routine: Eye masks

Eye masks are clinically proven to help regulate sleep cycles. Better rest can lead to enhanced concentration and focus, heightened short-term memory, and less stress and irritability. Our pure mulberry silk sleep masks made from the highest quality at 22 mommes are the perfect addition to a man’s nighttime routine. They will block out light and lead to a more productive day ahead. Our sleep masks come in a variety of colors.

Give the gift of a restful night with our luxury sleep masks.

For the Guy With Long Hair: Scrunchies

Scrunchies may not seem like the most male-oriented product at Bold & Brave, but for men with long hair, our scrunchies are a must. Many men with long hair use constricting elastic at night. Bold & Brave scrunchies protect hair and keep it from breaking. Bold & Brave hair products can help strengthen hair so it’s more durable and less likely to fall out.

These lightweight silk scrunchies are the perfect gift for a man with long hair.

For the Guy Who Needs the Perfect Gift: Bold & Brave Gift Sets

Know a guy who is hard to shop for? Look no further. Our Bold & Brave gift sets are the perfect gift for any man who values elegance and comfort. Each gift set is color coordinated and comes with one standard-sized 22 momme silk pillow and one sleep mask. Luxury meets function in this perfect gift set!

Our sleep masks and pillow cases are made from the finest mulberry 22 momme silk. A guaranteed way to make someone feel special!

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