How to Identify Quality Silk

How to Identify Quality Silk

Silk is a tried and true textile that has been around for centuries. It’s known for its soft and smooth texture, versatile health benefits, and bright and luxurious look. But how do you know if your silk is high quality? Bold & Brave is here to help you find out.

Mulberry Silk

There are dozens of silk fabrics in the world. Silk can be made from anything from bamboo to spiders. However, at Bold & Brave we use the finest silk you can find: mulberry silk. 

How it’s made

Mulberry silk is made from the cocoons of silk worms that feed on mulberry trees, hence the name. Once the cocoons are made, they are spun into raw silk fibers.  It’s a natural renewal process that produces the most consistent, smooth, and strong silk on earth. At Bold & Brave all of our products are made from the highest quality, 22 mommes mulberry silk. 

What are Mommes?

If you’re a first time silk buyer, you might come across the word momme. Momme (mm)  is the unit of measurement for silk weight and quality. 

Why it matters

The momme count is similar to a cotton thread count in that the higher the mommes, the heavier and more durable the silk will be. Most silk pillowcases are measured at 19 mommes. Yet, at Bold & Brave, ours are measured at 22. We put quality before all else and invest in the best silk the world has to offer.

Real vs Fake Silk

In a world where knock offs and replicas are commonplace, it’s important to know simple ways to test your silk. At Bold & Brave our sleep masks, pillow cases, and scrunchies are all made entirely from the most desirable silk. Here are some ways you can test it.


Silk has an appearance like no fabric in the world. It’s highly regarded for its shimmering properties. What makes a silk product’s shine unique, is that it refracts light from every angle to produce a multi-colored sheen. Imposter silk might be shimmery, but it won’t provide the breadth of the shine that silk will. 


Mulberry silk is completely smooth to the touch. It feels waxy and fluid. It also becomes warm to the touch and heats up when rubbed long enough. When in doubt, pinch your silk between your fingertips and move it around. If it doesn’t warm up, it’s fake. 


The Ring Test

If you can easily pull your silk through the band of a ring, it’s a good sign. Real silk is flexible and fluid. Cheaper materials will get stuck and be more difficult to pull through.

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