How to Make Time for Yourself without Feeling Guilty or Selfish

How to Make Time for Yourself without Feeling Guilty or Selfish

Self-care is very important but sometimes we know you can’t help but feel guilty for leaving everything and focusing on yourself. While it’s pretty common, you have to understand that taking time off isn’t selfish and everyone needs a “me” time. 

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, a career-driven woman, a stay-at-home mom, a student or leader, you need some time off to recharge and be able to truly give love and attention to the people who matter to you. Not doing this can lead to exhaustion, self-pity, stress and anxiety.

So, how do you make time for yourself amid your tight schedule and overwhelming list of responsibilities without feeling selfish? 

1. Explore the guilt and appreciate your worth

Before you can actually make time for yourself, you have to answer those thoughts in your head. Explore the reasons behind your feelings of guilt and selfishness and ask yourself pertinent questions. You can even decide to write them down.

After you’re done, leave those feelings of guilt on paper and focus on what truly matters—you! Appreciate yourself for being able to juggle several things at once, both at work and at home. If you don’t think you deserve time to yourself, you may not be able to fully commit to putting yourself first.

2. Learn to say “No”

Being able to say “No” will save you from lots of unnecessary activities that typically distract and take time away from you. Most times you experience guilt when you refuse to give people your time or assistance. 

Know that “No” is a sentence on its own. If need be, you can expand but keep it short. You can simply say, “No. I have a lot on my plate presently, but thanks for thinking of me.”

Another great way to say “No” is to screen your calls when busy. Important messages can go to voicemail and there’s the option of returning them in your leisure time. This gives you time to focus on yourself and on what’s most important.

3. Wake up earlier

We know this translates to shorter sleep hours but there’s a reason why it’s on the list. Waking up early gives you time to meditate and plan your day. It also won’t hurt to use a silk eye mask and silk pillowcase so you wake up with soft, hydrated skin every morning.You’ll sleep deeper, leading to more effective rest throughout the night.

If you have a big family, then before dawn is a great time, as the whole family is asleep and noise or distractions are absent. 

That time of the morning is good for “me” time as you can just settle down with your cup of coffee and your journal. Remember that how you start your day sets the tone for that day.

4. Make self care a priority

Most times when we pen things down on our To-Do list or planner, we forget to include self-care. Self-care involves taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. So, no matter how tight your schedule may be, create time for yourself each day. 

You can start with carving out 15 minutes for a quick nap or a cup of your favorite coffee to 45 minutes for exercise, before graduating to taking a whole day off weekly for body care or massage. Make sure to indulge in silk products to keep your skin and hair soft and hydrated—it’s amazing what a silk pillowcase, silk scrunchie, and silk eye mask can do.

Why feel guilty when you’re only doing the best for yourself? Remember, when you continue to expend energy taking care of your family, running multiple shifts at work, giving in to the demands of people, a time may come when you’ll become completely drained and exhausted.

To prevent that, know your self-worth, establish those necessary boundaries, and practice putting YOU first. Self-care has never been selfish and it never will be, so enjoy the moments you have.

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