Men embrace the silk pillowcase

Men love silk pillowcases and sleep masks

We all know real men wear pink. But did you know real men sleep on silk? 

It’s time to toss the cotton and embrace the silk pillowcase. You deserve to sleep on a luxurious pillowcase. Here are the best benefits of our silk.   

Healthier skin

Retain moisture

Real, 100% silk like ours is made of a single, long-woven, naturally occurring fiber. For this reason, the fiber is hydrophobic (repels water). 

So, the material allows your face to keep its healthy moisture. This effect cools your face and allows for healthier skin. 

Avoid acne

When your face is dry, your skin’s pores get clogged with dead skin. Cotton, wool, and other non-silk pillowcases sap your skin’s hydration. This means traditional pillowcases dry out your skin. 

Using a silk pillowcase helps you avoid overnight breakouts. Also, silk is soft on your skin, which reduces irritation.  

Prevent folliculitis 

Folliculitis is an infection within the skin. This type of infection happens when bacteria gets under your skin, especially after shaving

Your face has tender skin that needs special attention. Choosing your pillowcase wisely will support healthy skin

Our silk is hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic dyes. The smooth, gentle material prevents friction and irritation. Its moisture-retention benefits, as described above, promote healing, too. 

Better hair

Retain moisture

As we mentioned above, silk leaves moisture in your skin. In the same way, silk helps your scalp and hair retain moisture.  

Moisture is important for your hair to look healthy and remain healthy. Your hair’s natural repair and maintenance depends on hydration. When you switch to silk, you allow your hair to keep the moisture that the silk repels.   


Avoid hair loss

When you’re stressed, high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) build up in your body. This cortisol increases the chances of you losing hair. 

When you sleep on silk, you invigorate yourself through a calmer, cooler night’s sleep. Choosing a silk pillowcase means prioritizing your needs. Your body needs rest to promote recovery and hair retention.   

Promote growth

A healthier scalp, follicles, and hair lead to better hair growth. Silk not only helps you keep your hair but grow hair longer.      

Improved sleep

Feel like a king when you sleep on our high-quality silk

Embrace Silk Now

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