Silk is All-Natural Protein

Silk is All-Natural Protein

In this world full of synthetic and artificial materials, we choose a naturally occurring material instead. Pure silk, created by silkworms, is crafted with a single, long-woven fiber of protein. Who knows beauty better than Mother Nature herself?   

Our manufacturer crafts our 100% Mulberry silk at the highest quality of grade A and 22 momme. Only offering the best, our natural silk-coloring process uses only non-toxic, non-fading dyes

For all these reasons, our fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic with antimicrobial properties. The fabric’s tight weave deters dirt and dust. 

These are important qualities for pillowcases, sleep masks, and hair scrunchies. These properties mean your face and hair stay clean while gliding against these products.   

Most importantly, silk is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. Because the fabric repels moisture, your face and hair retain their natural moisture

This retention is vital to your anti-aging skin care and healthy hair upkeep. Dermatologists recommend using silk pillowcases to reduce wrinkles and acne. The natural material also protects against friction to calm skin and reduce hair frizz.  

Unlike cotton, silk allows your body to sweat and cool naturally. Cotton pillowcases hold sweat, oil, and bacteria, while silk instead reduces the build-up of harsh bodily fluids on the pillowcase, which caresses your face.      

Our pillowcases and sleep masks offer your skin and hair their best night ever. And our silk scrunchies benefit you even when you wear your hair up all day.    

Bold & Brave offers the only 100% mulberry silk pillowcase with natural protein in fiber on the market!

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