The Must-Haves in Your Suitcase While Traveling this Holiday Season

The Must-Haves in Your Suitcase While Traveling this Holiday Season

Traveling for the holidays can be quite the adventure. Regardless of your mode of travel, what you pack can determine what kind of trip you’ll have. Negotiating your way through an airport or on the interstate is stressful enough—don’t make it worse by forgetting to pack those creature comforts!

You don’t have to compromise on the important amenities and luxuries just because you’re on the road. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the essentials, here are a few of our recommendations to make your holiday travels easy as pie!

Skincare Products

Whether you swear by carry-on only or insist on checking a bag, skincare is often the first thing to slide during the stress of travel. But, ironically, traveling is the time you need your skincare products more than ever! Not only can the stress of travel cause breakouts, but the air on planes can be incredibly drying to your skin. Bringing at least a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer with you can make a huge difference. After all, we all want to glow for the holidays!

Power bank

Although airport and on-board charging stations have gotten better over the years, not all places and planes have them. And there’s absolutely nothing worse than being stuck on a cross-country flight with dead devices. Power banks or external batteries have become incredibly affordable, some boasting enough charge to power up to 4 or 5 phone charges!

Silk scrunchie

If you’re the type that prefers to travel with your hair tied up and out of your way, the type of hair tie can really matter. Normal hair ties can leave unsightly dents in your hair, tug uncomfortably at your scalp, and even cause more dryness. Bold & Brave silk scrunchies won’t do any of those things. Because silk is so gentle to your hair, you can wear it up for hours while traveling and arrive at your destination with dent-free, shiny hair!

Silk pillowcase

You can’t rely on hotels, bed and breakfasts, or even relatives to have the same material bedding you’re used to. If you’ve already discovered the miracle of sleeping on silk or you’re hoping to test it out this vacation, bringing a silk pillowcase along with you is an easy way to ensure you wake up looking like the goddess you are. Just roll it up with your undies or socks—it won’t take up more space than that!

Silk eye mask

Plan to snooze on the plane? Bold & Brave silk eye masks are your best friend! These beauties can easily fit in your purse or even live around your neck until the perfect napping opportunity at 30,000 feet. Eye masks can also help if the room you’re staying in has a light pollution issue or lackluster curtains. And the best part is that, because silk is so gentle on your skin and eye lashes, you’ll sleep peacefully with no friction or discomfort around your sensitive eyes.

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