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Some people are just so hard to shop for! Whether it’s someone that never needs anything or someone that buys everything they want, we probably all have that one friend or family member we dread shopping for during the holidays. If you’re already struggling with your holiday shopping list, may we humbly recommend some options for that person who has everything? It’s time to pamper them with silk! Nothing says “I care about you” quite like a gift that improves your loved one’s skin and hair. Here are our top 3 picks!

Large and Skinny Silk Scrunchie Set

These silk scrunchies are a great option for those Rapunzels in your life that have been roughing it with normal hair ties. Thanks to silk’s super soft texture and non-absorbent quality, our scrunchies won’t suck the moisture from hair, nor will they rough up cuticles. We love the sets with both large and skinny silk scrunchies because they offer plenty of variety for different types of hair and styles. Besides, if your gift-receiver already has everything, you might as well get them every type of silk scrunchie!

Matching Silk Eye Masks

Give your friend or family member the gift of waking up like royalty with a silk eye mask. No, really! Eye masks aren’t just for slumber parties or for fancy people. Wearing an eye mask at night can help improve sleep quality; mix it with silk, and you have a divine experience. Silk is extra gentle and won’t rob your skin of its moisture. This material can even help prevent wrinkles and blemishes. Show that hard-to-shop-for loved one just how much you care by giving them a gift that keeps them looking glowy and youthful!

Silk Gift Set

Want to go the extra mile and REALLY impress your friend or family member this holiday? Get them one of our new silk gift sets! Each set comes with a matching silk eye mask and silk pillowcase in a gorgeous jewel tone of your choice. Everyone loves a good color match, so your loved one will feel extra special going to bed on their matching, high-quality silk pillowcase with their super soft eye mask.

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