Top 3 things nobody tells you to do for beautiful skin and hair!

Top 3 things nobody tells you to do for beautiful skin and hair!

Everyone and their mom has skin and hair tips. From old-school remedies and questionable practices to skin and hair care influencers peddling new shiny products with magical-sounding ingredients, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. While some people like to overcomplicate their routines, others prefer to keep it simple and easy. 

No matter which camp you fall into, we’d like to offer some tips that many don’t talk about. Sure, the fanciest shampoos, conditioners, and 15-step skincare routines are great, but there are other, simpler things you can be doing for glowing skin and shiny hair!

1. Silk is your best friend!

There’s a reason royalty used this beautiful material for centuries! Because it’s super soft and far less absorbent than other fabrics, it’s the perfect way to thank your skin and hair. A silk scrunchie will ensure your hair follicle isn’t roughed up or starved of moisture, no matter how long you keep it tied up. 

Tired of losing your skin care regimen to your pillowcase? A silk pillowcase will not only keep your moisturizer intact, but it will also prevent friction and irritation to your skin throughout the night. Pair that with a silk eye mask, and you have the perfect combination! Did you know silk can also prolong the life of your lash extensions and Botox? It’s every esthetician and dermatologist’s secret weapon and now you can reap those benefits, too.

2. Oily skin and scalp? Moisturizers and conditioners are NOT your enemies!

It’s a common myth that oily skin means you shouldn’t moisturize. While every person’s skin and hair are unique, generally speaking, much of that oiliness is actually an overproduction of moisture. Why? Because your skin or hair is too dry, your body thinks it needs to ramp up production to keep your skin and hair from getting too dry. 

Most shampoos have alcohols and sulfates; combine that with washing your hair every day and you have a recipe for dry hair, prompting an overproduction of oil. Many who suffer from oily skin and acne tend to use super drying products to combat it, but this ultimately only damages your skin’s natural barrier and encourages more oil production. So never skimp on deep conditioners and moisturizers to finish off your skincare routine!

3. Put the towel down—silk turbans are your hair’s friend!

Those with curly and coily hair already know this secret, but many others don’t! Regardless of your hair type, whether it’s fine and straight or thick and wavy, terry cloth towels (the kind you use on your body) are the worst. Typical bath towels are rough, especially on your hair, so when you twist all your wet, vulnerable tresses into a terry cloth turban every time, you’re actually roughing up your cuticle and pulling on your sensitive hairline.

Using a silk turban is far more absorbent and gentle. Many silk towels for hair are smaller and have handy little loops to secure your turban, ensuring your hair is tucked away to dry without yanking on your hairline. Many people will use a silk turban to suck the majority of water from their hair, apply their products (oils, serums, leave-ins, etc.), and then throw it in an old t-shirt to air dry. Even if the t-shirt method is overkill for you, these methods are all an effort to pamper your hair and leave it shiny and frizz-free!

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