Types Of Hair and The Silk Benefits

Types Of Hair and The Silk Benefits

We all have different amazing hair textures and that’s what makes us unique! Your hair type is basically determined by the shape of your hair follicles. There are 4 main types of hair; straight, curly, wavy, and coily. These 4 types are broken down into different categories based on the tightness of the curls or coils. 

Regardless of your hair type and texture, the benefits of using silk for your hair are endless. In this post, we want to break down the different benefits of silk for your hair type. So, if you’re looking to join team silk, we’ve got you covered. 

Type 1 – Straight Hair

Type 1 Straight Hair, is the hair type that has no form of curls whatsoever. People with straight hair usually have a lesser hair density and high porosity, making it very prone to frizz, light knots and light tangles. silk pillowcase definitely works wonders for this hair type. It helps to prevent these light knots from forming and tangling. When you sleep with a silk pillowcase your hair literally slides off the pillow, there’s no room for harsh friction. 


If you have type 1 hair, then you already know that it just loves to fly away. There are a lot of flyaways with this hair type because of its lightness. A silk scrunchie can help tame flyaways and preserve your blow dry for an additional 2-3 days. 

In general, when you use silk product for your straight Type 1 hair, it helps to; 

  • lock moisture in and prevent your hair from tangling unnecessarily. This hair type needs a lot of moisture because of its thinness. 
  • Silk scrunchies help to keep your hair in place, no more fighting unruly hair when you wake up every morning. 

Type 2 Wavy Hair 

If you have Type 2 Hair, then your hair falls into the wavy category. There are 3 types of wavy hair; type 2 a, b and c. Wavy Hair has more density than straight hair, so it requires more care. If you constantly fight tangles and frizz, you may flatten out your waves and damage your hair. 

A silk pillowcase is one of the ways you can preserve your waves from deforming. Damage occurs as a result of having to constantly detangle your hair. Silk pillowcases are very lightweight and smooth, using them rather than regular cotton or nylon pillow cases helps your hair breathe. 


Your hair will no longer have to fight with your pillowcase and you can confidently sleep without having to worry about frizz. 

Another way you can protect your waves is by wrapping it in a bun with a silk scrunchie rather than a rubber band. Overall, silk can help; 

  • Protect your hair from knotting 
  • Stops frizz and back hair tangles
  • Preserves your hair moisture and protects your waves from losing form 


Type 3 Curly Hair

Now this is where the strands get thicker and the curls fuller. Type 3 hair is characterized with S-shaped loose curls and a higher porosity. 

The higher the porosity of your hair, the higher the level of care it needs. Type 3 Hair also has 3 categories; type 3 a, b , and c. As the alphabets go higher, the curls take a stronger form. 

A silk scrunchie will work like magic for holding up your hair when you need to style it. Extra pointer for the scrunchie is, it also preserves your curls. 

People with type 3 hair battle with dryness, split ends and lots of tangles. Your pillowcase case may 100% be the reason for your split ends if you have type 3 hair. The constant friction between your hair and the pillow case; whether cotton or nylon, weakens the hair strands and dehydrates it. Over time the weakness reflects itself through breakages, split ends and tangles. 

A simple pillowcase switch from regular to a silk pillowcase  is the magic your hair needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

Overall, Silk products; whether it’s a silk scrunchie or a silk pillowcase can help in these ways.

  • Preserve your curly hair texture by keeping it hydrated
  • Split ends are caused by friction between your hair and dry materials, with silk you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Silk helps to lock moisture in your curls. When your hair stays moisturized you don’t have to worry about breakage. 


Type 4 Coily Hair 

Type 4 Hair has the thickest of textures among all hair types. It is highly porous and characterized by stringy coils. It also has 3 types; 4a, b, and c. Type 4C hair is African textured hair, prone to lots of breakage, dryness, frizz and tangles. 

Type 4 hair has a very density and porosity, so it requires a lot of care. If you have type 4 hair then you already know that great hair products are your best friends. One of the reasons why type 4 hair tends to break a lot is because of friction. 

The hair is coarse already so friction with a hard material will definitely cause uncontrollable breakages. Using a silk pillowcase for type 4 hair is like introducing heaven. 

Silk can benefit your type 4 hair by; 

  • Locking in moisture and keeping the hair hydrated
  • Help preserve protective styles, so you can rock them for much longer
  • Prevents frizz and breakage caused by dryness.
  • It leaves your hair looking extremely healthy.

What’s your hair type? Now that you know all about the benefits of silk for your hair, which one of our silk products are you starting your silk journey with? Shop our extensive collection of silk scrunchies, pillowcases and more.

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